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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 7. What is the salary of Cisco network engineer?

蒂娜 No Comments 10/17/2022

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 7. What is the salary of Cisco network engineer?

I recently discovered that many netizens have a sense of self-improvement.

Many people will ask me: ” What do you think you should learn when you just entered the industry / just graduated / still in school?”

In fact, the words “improve yourself” are really flooded with major mainstream platforms, so that people around you start to get anxious, “Can you really stand still?”

people I know , ranging from 40-year-old “senior” Internet workers to 12-year-old junior high school students who are interested in the Internet. Their common characteristic is “wanting to learn”.

But more people’s confusion is not “Do I want to study or not”, but “How do I study?”

The first step is hard because you don’t have a clear goal.

Today, I have specially compiled a certificate for network engineers who want to increase their salary and upgrade for the network workers who love to learn .

Cisco Network Engineer Certificate : Manufacturer Certification/Soft Exam

Cisco is the world’s leading provider of networking solutions. Cisco takes its name from San Francisco, where there is a world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. Cisco is a manufacturer, the originator of IT networking. Cisco certification is launched by Cisco. It is one of the international authoritative certifications in the Internet field. It is also known as the top ten most difficult professional certifications to obtain.

Cisco certification is divided into five levels: CCT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCAr. The difficulty increases in turn, and CCIE is the highest-level certificate that can be directly selected and obtained. CCIE is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the global Internetworking field.

After passing the CCIE certification exam, you will obtain a unique CCIE number in the world, which is permanently reserved. Strict certification rules have made CCIE one of the most valuable certificates in the IT industry, and of course it has become one of the most respected and difficult to obtain certificates. Currently, only 60,000 people hold CCIE certification (including all directions of CCIE). .

Obtaining CCIE certification not only proves that your technology has reached the expert level and is recognized and affirmed by the industry, but also a symbol of honor and a manifestation of self-worth. Obtaining CCIE certification becomes every network technician’s dream.

Certification is divided into multiple directions. Among them, the direction of data communication (now the direction of EI enterprise infrastructure) is the preferred direction of research for most people. As a basic direction, learn and understand it well, in order to understand the entire network, so as to better learn other direction, to enrich their entire knowledge & technology system.

 CCAr certification (Cisco Certified Network Architect) conditions:

Need to maintain the CCIE Active status for more than 10 years and have made significant contributions to the world Internet. Passed the CCIE Design direction and received the invitation of the Cisco Board of Directors.

In fact, you do not need to take the CCNA exam for the CCNP certification, and the CCNP core exam can be used as the CCIE written exam. After passing the exam, you can take the CCIE LAB exam.

Therefore, my suggestion is that it will be more cost-effective to apply for CCIE directly.

Why do you say that? Take a look at the certification fee for each level and you will know:

CCNA exam fee is $300, CCNP core exam fee is $400, optional exam is $300, total $700; CCIE written exam is $400, lab $1600, total $2000.

Not to mention the cost of registering for training, these registration fees alone are already a huge expense.

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