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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 24.Network Cutover

蒂娜 No Comments 10/27/2022

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 24.Network Cutover

Today, I will share with you the new and old system cutover plan. I will use the bank transformation project to popularize relevant knowledge to everyone.


According to the annual work plan, this project is mainly for the construction of the first phase of the business network upgrade and transformation project. With the continuous increase in the amount of banking business data, the existing network routing equipment can no longer meet the business requirements.

It is now necessary to upgrade the routing equipment in the network backbone network to better meet the needs of business development.

On the basis of preliminary project construction and trial operation for a period of time, the existing network will be switched and cut over.

Network cutover is to operate the line and equipment in use, which will directly affect the services carried on it. The most critical step in network transformation is network cutover.

Usually, the network for service operation requires 24-hour uninterrupted operation, and cutover generally operates on the lines and equipment in use, so network cutover will directly affect the services carried on it. Cause interruption of business applications. Therefore, formulating the most complete cutover plan, executing the most perfect cutover, avoiding the risks in the cutover, and reducing or even eliminating the impact on the business system are all things that we need to consider in detail before the cutover.

Preparations before cutover

Notify and coordinate relevant departments and personnel

Notify the units and departments involved in the cutover. When there is a need for cooperating personnel, it is necessary to determine the content and time of the specific cooperation, coordinate the cooperation of the departments affected by the business, and notify the technical support personnel of the corresponding manufacturers to solve the emergency situation. plan etc.

Preparation of boards, accessories and tools

Prepare the boards, optical fibers, network cables, etc. for cutover; for the cutover with hardware operations, in addition to preparing the boards needed in the cutover, the corresponding spare parts should also be provided according to the actual number of operations: spare boards, modules, optical fibers, etc. Prepare tools that will be used in cutting, such as electrostatic bracelets, electrostatic bags, console cables, etc. For cutovers involving cables that need to be racked, place the required cables in advance and test them correctly.

device access

It is necessary to obtain the control authority of the device in advance. If there is AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting, authentication, authorization and audit) for authentication management, it is necessary to set the local administrator account in advance to prepare for the unreachable situation with the AAA server. Sufficient permissions can still be obtained; for remote operation of network device cutover, it is necessary to determine the access method of the local Console (console) of the device, in case of failure or misoperation causing the device to go offline, it can continue to be carried out operate.

Collection of network information

Back up the configuration files of related devices. Record the status and traffic of the cutover devices through network management tools or in text form. It is best to have a weekly traffic topology record, so that after the cutover is completed, the situation at the same time a week ago can be compared.

Confirmation of network status

The specified network cutover plan is proposed on the premise of preliminary research, so if the network status changes, the cutover plan may no longer be applicable, so you need to monitor the network status at any time, and if possible, you need to re-adjust the cutover plan. Connect the plan, and perform the simulated cutover test again.

Perform solid cutover steps

In the cutover plan, it is necessary to specify the cutover content of each step. The plan should include the start time, end time, latest fallback time of each step, and the degree of influence of this step on each service. Each step in the actual operation process should include 3 small steps:

Snapshot before each step

A few minutes before this step, record all port status, traffic, and protocol status of the operating device; back up the configuration file of the device.


Execute the cutover command or physical operation.

Check for success

Check it through commands such as display/ping/trace, and check it from the client if possible.

The cutover plan must specify the specific commands to be executed in these three steps and the expected results.

For example , which commands need to be executed during snapshot, which commands need to be executed during cutover, and what should be the result of the corresponding command during inspection.

With careful preparations before cutover, cutover work will be very easy, and the implementers should execute them step by step. It should be noted that each operation command should be recorded, and it is best to use professional Telnet software such as CRT to operate.

The key work of the cutover process

Fallback steps

When it is found that this step cannot be completed, or an abnormal failure occurs in the middle and cannot be recovered within a predetermined time, then it should be rolled back.

Test after cutover

After the cutover is completed, an overall test should be carried out. This complete test includes not only the device-level test, but also the application-level test and the observation of the traffic flow.

Observation after cutover

After all the cutover steps and test steps are completed, the observation period is entered. Generally, if it is normal within 24 hours, the cutover has been successfully completed.


The focus of the cutover plan

During the construction of the project, the existing equipment lines shall be sorted out and marked and labelled.

Draw the network topology diagram, equipment connection diagram, the corresponding relationship between the original equipment and the updated equipment ports, etc., to prepare for the determination of the cutover plan.

Draw the network topology and device connection diagram after cutover for reference during cutover.

Write down the detailed cutover steps, implementation steps, system changes and configuration steps, and fallback plan for each step, etc.; clearly arrange the cutover procedures and the time used; list the person in charge of each process and the construction personnel. ; Explain the main points and precautions of each process operation; List of equipment, instruments and materials to be used.

Determination of the person in charge of cutover

Determine the person in charge of the system cutover, the person in charge of the manufacturer, and the person in charge of the construction side, and clarify the division of labor. It is planned to arrange 2 technical engineers of equipment manufacturers in the central sub-branch of Urumqi, the project manager will coordinate on-site, unified command, 2 construction technical engineers, and each prefecture sub-branch will arrange 1 company technical engineer.

Cutover time is determined

The time for applying to the higher-level administration for the cutover of the circuit should have sufficient margin;

Cutover exception handling

Make corresponding emergency plans and prepare corresponding spare parts.

Follow-up of the cutting plan

The cutover plan shall be submitted to the competent department of the construction unit for approval before implementation. The competent department shall organize personnel from relevant departments to conduct a strict joint review of the cutover plan.

Snapshot on the cutover day

A cutover meeting will be held on the day of cutover. When cutover, ensure that the supervisors of the manufacturer, construction personnel, workers, business and other relevant personnel are in place in time, and once again clarify their respective responsibilities and work tasks.

The emergency spare parts determined in the cutover start plan must be delivered to the site so that they can be replaced in time when problems occur.

During the cutover process, the cutover steps must be strictly followed. The next step cannot be carried out without the confirmation of the previous step. The staff participating in the cutover should take every detail of the work seriously, strengthen mutual cooperation, and ensure the smooth completion of the cutover. .

Removal of old equipment: After receiving the instruction of cutover, it should be shut down as required. The removal of old equipment must not affect the normal operation of the equipment in use. First remove the AC and DC power cables and insulate their ends, and then remove other cables; pay attention to prevent short circuits when removing signal cables and control cables; keep the numbers of cables that need to be used in the future to prevent confusion. Finally remove the old equipment. Dismantled cables, old equipment, etc. should be stored in a safe and dry place, and a list should be listed for archive.

Installation and cutover of new equipment into the network: The installation of new equipment should be accurate, meticulous, orderly and fast. Before powering on, the polarity of the power supply should be identified, and the voltage should meet the requirements of the equipment. The main indicators of the stand-alone test should meet the equipment requirements, and the single-machine indicators of the relocated old equipment should be able to reach the original level; the channel indicators for new equipment, new circuits or old equipment and new circuits should be redesigned and identified by the designer.

All optical cables, cables, and equipment that need to be cut must be labeled with corresponding labels to minimize errors and omissions. According to statistics, a large part of cutover errors are caused by physical connection errors.

Cutover should be carried out in strict accordance with the formulated plan. If there is a big discrepancy, the cutover should be stopped and the cutover plan should be re-formulated to prevent major accidents. If the cutover is unsuccessful, it should be restored to the state before the cutover or other preliminary plans. .

The system cutover should be avoided during peak business hours, and should be performed when the system load is light. It is recommended that the general system be cutover from 0:00 am to 4:00 am, and the cutover time should be shortened as much as possible.

After the cutover is completed, during the equipment observation period, each relevant unit will arrange personnel with relevant majors and the ability to deal with problems to be on duty within 24 hours.

Once a problem occurs, it should be solved immediately, and the person in charge of the cutover work and relevant personnel should be notified as soon as possible.

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