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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 42.Briefly describe employment in Cisco RS and SP direction

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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 42.Briefly describe employment in Cisco RS and SP direction

CCIE certification, such as RS certification and SP certification . Many people think that the CCIE RS direction is more advantageous. What is the reason for this? The full name of CCIE RS is CCIE Routing & Switching, which is the CCIE routing switching direction. It is the foundation of the network. 80% of all CCIE directions are routing switching directions, which are relatively popular types. Because the CCIE routing and switching direction is the basis of all directions, it involves basic knowledge, it is not too difficult to learn, and the scope of employment is also wide, so it is the first direction that most network engineers will choose.

On the other hand, the full name of CCIE SP is CCIE Service Provider, which is the direction of CCIE operators. It serves providers. Although it covers some knowledge of CCIE RS, it mainly involves grid architecture, network operation, management, etc. Compared with the CCIE RS direction, it is slightly more difficult to learn, and the demand is not too large, so it is not so popular.

If you want to ask which is the CCIE RS direction or the SP direction, for students who have just started to contact CCIE, take the CCIE RS and CCIE routing exchange, and the direction will be better. CCIE SP as the second Cisco certification.

Whether it is CCIE RS or CCIE SP, the test is divided into written test and laboratory test. The written test time is 2 hours, and the test questions of 100 points, 804 points or above are considered qualified. Only after passing the written test can you take the lab test. The test time is 8 hours, the total score is 100, and it is divided into three modules. The total score for TS troubleshooting is 24, the test score is 20 or above, and the total score for DIAG fault diagnosis is 6. 4 points and above are qualified, the total CFG configuration score is 70, and the test is 56 points or above.

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