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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 11.Is CCNP difficult to learn?

蒂娜 No Comments 10/19/2022

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 11.Is CCNP difficult to learn?

For students without foundation, Cisco’s learning is difficult; The training period is short and the efficiency is high, which is certain , but at the same time, the amount of knowledge is large and the pressure is high, so it is necessary to be mentally prepared to study hard.

Study Method

If you have no foundation, reading NP’s books will definitely make you dizzy, like reading books from heaven. However, ” rising from a high- rise building on the ground ” , first learn the basics of network, and then learn CCNA; Then learn CCNP until CCIE . Step by step, step by step, and work hard, the problem will be solved.


It is also a book from heaven for elementary school students to read math problems in junior high school; The same is true when you look at the math problems in junior high school after college . Learning is a cumulative process. Our participation in training is to shorten the time of this accumulation process.

Take the exam

As for the exam, as long as you study well, the exam is very easy.

of the students who participated in the Cisco training, whether they were high school students, college students, or people who already worked, found it difficult at the beginning of their studies . But in the end, 90% of people can learn the technology well.

learning technology well has nothing to do with education, age, and one’s own foundation . The most important thing is two words – “attitude”.

Attitude decides everything!

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