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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 9.Cisco certification CCNA exam impressions

蒂娜 No Comments 10/18/2022

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 9.Cisco certification CCNA exam impressions

I just passed the Cisco Certification CCNA exam. Looking back at the journey from the beginning of knowing nothing about CCNA to passing the CCNA exam, I have some impressions, which are summarized as follows:

I have a secondary school degree and am looking for a job soon. Looking at the fierce competition in society today, even the employment of college students is not easy, not to mention us, the competition is even fiercer.

I remember when I graduated my computer teacher suggested that we learn some useful practical techniques, so I planned to learn and get a certification in IT. A suggestion for those who want to learn CISCO: If you want to take the Cisco certification CCNA, but you are worried that you will not be able to pass it, you can go to training first. The training provided me with a good opportunity to learn and practice, and it was also the beginning for me to absorb knowledge other than traditional textbooks. Although I could only do very basic and ordinary work at the beginning, I got rare practical opportunities from it. What the training provides is the initial cognition of computer network knowledge and the promotion of knowledge points. Because of Cisco’s leading position in the networking industry, training is not only a concentrated learning process of knowledge and skills, but also creates more development opportunities for individuals.

The choice of textbooks is very important to the success of the exam. If you take the training, it may not be a problem, just choose the recommended Cisco Student Guide. CISCO’s teaching materials are the most authoritative. The content outline of the exam is subject to CISCO. The book must be read carefully, not by chance. The concept should be clear, “every change is inseparable from the original”! No matter how strange the question is, it will not deviate from the principle. The learning process should pay attention to the method, and more importantly, it requires perseverance. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to learn, otherwise, you need to pay more labor.

CISCO website must be read. Don’t take chances. Generally speaking, CISCO’s exam questions are relatively flexible. Although some of them are dead things, the proportion is not large. Pick out the eligible commands from the dozens of commands listed. The important thing is to have a thorough understanding of various routing protocols, and avoid half-understanding, otherwise in the actual exam, you will feel that you can’t choose, as if any one is right.

When reviewing, I will memorize the commands after each chapter, which is of great use. Because each chapter has a different focus, the views on commands are naturally different. Moreover, you can also see the important commands involved in each chapter at a glance.

The test questions are not difficult, the main thing is to understand the knowledge points, and you will feel very relaxed after understanding the test. Exams are a test of your learning and are the most important. You need to adjust your state. Be confident in the exam, and never give up until one question is asked. During the exam, you will definitely encounter things that you are not familiar with, or have never touched at all, so don’t be nervous. Because you don’t want to get full marks in the test, the important thing is to test every question you know well. If you make a mistake on a question you know because of carelessness, or you don’t know it, you will be wrong, and the consequences will be unpredictable. Each of the options provided by cisco is easy to make people ambiguous and uncertain. If it is not very clear about the concept, such as some details, after reading his options, it is easy to feel that everything is reasonable, and it is not easy to choose. Therefore, when preparing, you must pay full attention to the key concepts and details mentioned in the textbook. When choosing, you must have confidence in your memory, and do not arbitrarily change your choice. There is plenty of time for the entire exam. It can only be said that through constant mock tests, you can almost help you to look at all the knowledge points again. Therefore, there is no need to engage in any questioning tactics, and it is enough to earnestly grasp the knowledge points in the book.

On the day of the exam, I arrived at the exam room half an hour earlier. As usual, it was a lecture from the management staff, and then I filled out an agreement with Cisco, which is the kind of thing guaranteed by the exam discipline, and then I could take the exam.

When I clicked on start, I saw a screen full of questionnaires. After filling out, I thought I could take the exam. Unexpectedly, I found another long multiple-choice “question”, which made me nervous for a while. But after I read the content carefully, I found that this is just a questionnaire survey by cisco to the test takers. It probably means to ask how much you know about cisco products and network knowledge and practice. There are about 15 questions. I don’t know if this will affect the production of the following test questions. I didn’t think much about it at the time, and basically filled it out.

Start answering questions. The types of questions are probably single-choice (choose the best answer), multiple-choice (choose right answers, which will prompt you to have several correct options) and a small number of scene questions (actually multiple-choice questions, but you need to click the exhibit button to see one. See the legend) is very flexible, but it is enough for us to understand the most basic things. In general, the Cisco Certification CCNA exam is not as difficult as imagined, at least the exact number of answers to the exam questions is given.

The experimental questions are still quite challenging. Here is a summary of some of my skills for doing experimental questions:

  1. When you find that its configuration is messed up and you have no clue, it is wise to delete them and start over instead of spending time looking for errors.
  2. It is necessary to calmly find the problem and eliminate the problem. The router is not necessarily correct in the test (so there is also a troubleshooting experiment)
  3. The configuration has been done on that router, *** must copy running start!
  4. The FLASH version during the test does not support the use of the TAB key, but if you want to know the complete command, you can use “?” to display it.
  5. The characters on the screen are too small. It is recommended that you bring your own glasses during the exam. If not, please bring your own magnifying glass. Ha ha.
  6. Don’t click NEXT too fast. If it is too fast, the machine will not be able to respond, and it may not be necessary to skip the next question.

In fact, the test questions are very in-depth for a person’s basic knowledge, mainly to see a person’s understanding. Therefore, we must strive to cover all the test points, and to achieve a complete understanding, do not memorize by rote. I think after reading my article, you should have a clear understanding of how to prepare for the Cisco Certified CCNA exam. I hope you can pass the CCNA exam soon and move forward to a higher goal.

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