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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 46.Zero Foundation learning CCNA

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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 46.Zero Foundation learning CCNA

Cisco Certified CCNA course is designed for zero-basic students, so those who want to learn CCNA but have no basis, please rest assured and learn . So how to study CCNA ? What are the ways to study CCNA ? There are two ways to learn CCNA, one is self-study, and the other is to sign up for training institutions for CCNA training.

Self-study method If you

learn CCNA by yourself, you need to persevere . In the preparation stage, you need to choose a set of CCNA video courses that suits you, make a good study plan, and complete the established goals regularly. In addition to following the video courses, you can also choose some CCNA-related books to learn, and you can forget them quickly, so you must insist on practicing and reviewing, and it is also very important to take notes . Because it is an entry-level course, you are still very unfamiliar with many terms and professional terms. You must take notes and remarks when listening to the class and reading the book. Experiments can be carried out through simulators, such as PT and GNS3, which can help candidates do experiments.

The most important thing in the preparation stage is TK. In fact, TK is not only test materials, but also can be used as learning materials to learn. After you have learned it, you can take the test more easily.

Training Method

Another way to learn CCNA is to participate in training. If you are not extremely talented and have strong self-control, it is recommended that you should participate in CISCO’s standard training if conditions permit. Because as the most basic certification of CISCO, only after participating in the training can you avoid detours, understand the core idea of the Cisco certification system, and better find your own learning method and development direction. course, the effect will be more obvious. Although CCNA is a CISCO entry-level certification, it has a lot of content and is more complicated. For beginners, it is still relatively difficult.

Generally speaking, training institutions will have a very complete and reasonable training plan. CCNA’s learning course mainly includes five parts. In the early stage, a brief introduction to the career planning of network engineers will be given, and then the principles of network communication and the construction of small switches will be introduced. In-depth interpretation of enterprise network, construction of medium-sized switching enterprise network, and Internet access. Candidates will be able to gradually understand the principles and networking methods of switching, the principles and configurations of common routing protocols, and related content of network applications, including DHCP, NAT, ACL, etc., it seems that the system of CCNA is very obvious: basic principle —- local area network —- wide area network —- practical application.

In general, CCNA learning is more recommended by participating in training institutions. Through the systematic teaching of training institutions, candidates can save more time and cost and make themselves more confident to pass the exam.

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