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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 21.What is the CCIE topology

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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 21.What is the CCIE topology

What is a topology map ?

What is a CCIE topology map? In fact, the topology diagram refers to the topology diagram. A topology diagram refers to a network diagram composed of network node devices and communication media. A network topology defines how various computers, printers, network devices, and other devices are connected. In other words, network topology describes the layout of cables and network equipment and the paths that data takes to travel. Network topology can greatly affect how the network works.

What is the CCIE topology map?

· Network topology details

Network topology includes physical topology and logical topology. Physical topology refers to the layout of various devices and transmission media on the physical structure. Physical topologies usually include bus type, star type, ring type, tree type, mesh type and so on.

· Bus topology

Bus topology is a more commonly used method. It connects all networked computers to a communication line. In order to prevent signal reflection, terminators are generally connected at both ends of the bus to match the line impedance. A star is a node-centric processing system, and various types of networked machines are directly connected to the central node through physical links. The ring type is to connect each networked computer with communication lines into a closed ring.

· Tree topology Tree topology

is a hierarchical centralized control network. Compared with the star topology, its total length of communication lines is shorter, the cost is lower, the nodes are easy to expand, and it is more convenient to find paths. , the failure of any node or its connected line will affect the system.

· Mesh Topology

The mesh type is divided into two forms: fully connected mesh and incompletely connected mesh. In a fully connected mesh, each node has links to other nodes in the network. In an incompletely connected network, there is not necessarily a direct link connection between two nodes, and the communication between them depends on other nodes to transfer.

· Hybrid topology and cellular topology

In addition to hybrid topology and cellular topology, the former is two or more topological structures used at the same time, and the latter is a structure commonly used in wireless local area networks. It is characterized by point-to-point and multi-point transmission of wireless transmission media (microwave, satellite, infrared, etc.), and is a wireless network suitable for urban networks, campus networks, and enterprise networks.

CCIE topology map

It can be said that the CCIE topology map is actually very important. The role of the CCIE topology map is to see the links between nodes in the network more intuitively and clearly, as well as the links between interfaces, which is convenient for configuration and troubleshooting. It can be said that The first threshold of CCIE is the topology map.

CCIE topology map drawing

So how to draw the CCIE topology map? There are many software for drawing, the most commonly used is Microsoft Visio. It is also very simple to use: create a detailed network diagram; find the components of the related topology diagram in the shape; insert a component: drag the original in the template into the drawing page to form a graphic; connect each component; annotate each component; then Just save it.

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