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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 54.Briefly describe the scope of the CCIE exam

Jacky.K No Comments 11/17/2022

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 54.Briefly describe the scope of the CCIE exam

Today I will introduce the scope of the CCIE exam. The CCIE certification exam includes two parts: the written exam and the LAB . You can take the written exam first, and then you can make an appointment for the LAB exam.

What is the content of the CCIE exam? The content of each certification direction is different. Take the CCIE routing and switching certification test as an example:

RS The content of the CCIE written test includes basic network theory, network troubleshooting, LAN switching technology, basic routing concepts, EIGRP (IPv4 and IPv6) , VPN technology and other content, more detailed test content can be consulted.

The RS CCIE test code is 400-101. There will be a total of 100 questions in the test. There are two types of multiple-choice questions and drag-and-drop questions. The total score is 1000 points. If the score is higher than 804 points, the test will be passed.

Because the exam questions are randomly selected from the server by the exam system, the questions of each candidate will not be exactly the same, but SPOTO has the latest and most complete question bank, and can update the version in time after the official question change . You can ensure that the 100 questions randomly selected in the test are familiar to you, so that you can successfully pass the written test.

The content of the RS CCIE LAB exam consists of 3 modules, namely TroubleShooting (troubleshooting), DIAG (fault diagnosis), and CFG (configuration), all of which allow you to solve problems by simulating real scenarios, such as a server that cannot be accessed, You need to find out the problem and solve it; for example, according to the requirements and topology given on the test site, complete the network construction, etc., the actual ability is examined.

It should be noted here that the total score of the LAB exam is 100 points, and each module needs >=80% to get the CCIE certificate.

1) The total score for TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting is 24 points. This module requires >=20 points to pass the CCIE exam.

2) The total score of DIAG (Diagnose) fault diagnosis is 6 points, and this module is required to be >= 4 points in order to pass the CCIE exam.

3) The total score of CFG (Configuration) configuration is 70 points, and this module is required to be >=56 points in order to pass the CCIE exam.

Therefore, there are often candidates whose scores in 3 modules show pass, but they do not get the CCIE certificate. The reason is that in the CCIE RSv5.0 exam, as long as the score is >= 60%, the pass is displayed, but >= 80% is required to pass the CCIE exam.

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