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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 29.Preparing for the CCIE exam

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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 29.Preparing for the CCIE exam

For those who plan to take the CCIE exam, they should make some preparations in advance to meet the next study. Today, I will give some knowledge about the preparation in advance to the students who are preparing to take the CCIE exam. I hope to be helpful.

First of all, CCIE does not need any conditions to apply, just go to the test center to make an appointment . The test is divided into two parts: written test and experimental part. After the written test is passed, it is the experimental part.

Secondly , in order to obtain the CCIE certification, you need to obtain the following course exams:

1. CCIE theory exam (CCIE certification exam number 350-001, the exam time is two and a half hours)
2. CCIE experimental exam (8 hours a day)

CCIE Technical Theory Study Suggestions

  1. Be mentally prepared. Generally, you have to study hard for at least 6-9 months, or even longer. One month before the exam, you must go all out to prepare for the exam.
  2. Choose the most suitable study direction according to your personal situation. CCIE includes the following technical directions: routing switching, voice, security, service provider, service provider operations, wireless and storage.
  1. Extensive reading and practice to familiarize yourself with Cisco technology and products. CCIE is an expert-level certification and, as such, should be an expert in the relevant technical field.
  2. Prepare the books and study materials required for the written test. The CCIE certification website provides a list of books that should be read, and careful reading and study will provide a solid theoretical foundation.

Choose self-study or participate in training according to your own needs , take the CCIE written exam with confidence, and make full preparations for the next Lab Exam study.

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