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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 15.Why is CCIE easy to find a job?

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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 15.Why is CCIE easy to find a job?

The official introduction of the gold content of the CCIE certificate

Why CCIE is easy to find a job, first of all, let’s take a look at Cisco’s official introduction to the CCIE certificate:

Of course, what we are talking about here is not Paper CCIE. Paper CCIE is IE that has been backed by the question bank without any technical level. Through his own hard study, he obtained the CCIE certificate . ok, let’s take a look at an introduction by Cicso to the CCIE certificate .

CCIE, the full name of Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert , is an expert-level certification exam launched by Cisco in the United States in 1993. It is recognized by the world as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the global Internetworking field.

The Cisco Certified Network Expert Program (CCIE Program) sets a professional standard for network technology and is widely recognized by the industry. Possessing CCIE certification is considered to be the best proof of professional network technical knowledge and rich work experience . The holders of CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Experts) account for less than 3% of the total number of Cisco certifications, and less than 1% of global network practitioners (Cisco official data). Cisco certifications primarily provide the expertise engineers need to navigate Cisco equipment in today’s rapidly changing network environment. CCIE is the certification of the most advanced technical capabilities of Cisco (except for the newly launched CCA). It is located at the top of the Cisco pyramid certification system. It is also one of the most authoritative and respected certificates in the IT industry. IT certification ranks first, with the reputation of the ultimate IT certification. In addition to the recognition of the entire industry, CCIE is also an indicator of your continuous holding of the latest network knowledge; you will become the most competitive person in your professional technical field.

Obtaining CCIE certification not only proves that your technology has reached the expert level and is recognized and affirmed by the industry, but also a symbol of honor and a manifestation of self-worth. Obtaining CCIE certification becomes every network technician’s dream. In order to allow customers to obtain expert-level technical support, Cisco stipulates that gold and silver certification agents must have a certain number of CCIEs in its certification agency system, which directly stimulates the demand for CCIEs. In system integration projects, many owners propose that contractors must have CCIE certified experts before they are qualified to undertake projects, which shows the degree of recognition of CCIE experts in the industry.

Therefore, from Cisco’s official introduction, we can know that having a CCIE certificate is the best proof of one’s own technical level, and the gold content of the certificate is self-evident.

Is it worth taking the CCIE exam?

If you pass the CCIE test, your salary will double from the original 3K to 6K, I think it is worth it. If you pass the CCIE test, you will become more hardworking and enterprising than before, I think it is also worthwhile. Taking the CCIE exam allows you to get out of your current life circle and experience a realm that is different from before. I think it is very worthwhile.

Many people say what is the use of taking the CCIE? If you are a Paper IE, you will still be looked down upon in the end. In fact, what I want to say is that after you have experienced the CCIE exam, you will understand that as long as you put in all your hard work, then I believe that God will give you something to gain. If you don’t put in the effort, if you don’t work hard, then what’s the harvest? If 100 people take the CCIE exam, then there will be 100 different results, because everyone’s effort level and way of thinking are different, come on, I hope you can be the hardest one. The moment you successfully pass the pass, the moment you successfully get your own CCIE Number, in fact, at this moment, what you get is not just a certificate, I think it is more about the whole process of taking the CCIE exam. How many days and nights, in the early morning, I think more is the recognition of my hard work during this period. When you make up your mind to prepare for CCIE, when you make up your mind to say to yourself: I must win the CCIE exam. For a moment, in fact, you have already won, and you are already a real CCIE. Mentality and attitude determine everything.


The value of CCIE

  1. CCIE is a technical expert

Anyone who has taken the CCIE exam knows that CCIE has a very wide range of knowledge. Simply take the CCIE of routing and switching, including routing, switching, security, QoS, voice, multicast, etc. According to Cisco’s official statement, all Cisco IOS12.0 can support all features within the scope of the exam. More than 500 M of docment CD documents are only a part of all Cisco documents. And the test is very meticulous, such as routing protocols, and always test some experience problems encountered in ordinary work.

  1. The number of CCIE itself is valuable

If you want to apply to become Cisco’s gold and silver agent, you must need a certain number of CCIEs, including 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and many large projects. companies can add points. These are the real benefits of CCIE .

  1. There are few CCIEs (rare is more expensive)

Now the number of CCIEs in the world is close to 6W, but with the rapid development of China’s network construction, CCIEs will still be in short supply.

  1. CCIE has huge brand value

But for those who are engaged in the IT industry, there are not many who do not know CCIE, because CCIE is a symbol of technical masters and a symbol of a company’s technical strength. Your value is not only reflected in your technology, but also in the goodwill you bring to the company. And the value these things bring is immeasurable.

CCIE looking for a job

OK, so what companies can we work in after we have obtained the CCIE certification?

In fact, another purpose for most people to take the CCIE certificate is to obtain a satisfactory job through the value of the CCIE certificate .

Many people have participated in CCIE training and obtained CCIE certification in order to find a better job, so how can they find a better job? How to find a job? What is the direction of career and job search? The first is to find a company that wants you, and the second is to find a company that can afford it.

  1. Network equipment manufacturer (manufacturer)

What CCIE learns is mainly from Cisco, so Cisco will definitely not refuse. Other companies will also accept . There are three reasons, one is that CCIE itself has a good technical foundation, and the network technology is generally a standard technology. Each manufacturer is the same, and the configuration is similar . A good technician learns by analogy, and it is easy to get started ; the second is that the products of some manufacturers are similar to those of Cisco, and these manufacturers often adopt the strategy of following; the third reason is that other companies generally use CCIE to show their opinions . Four Ciscos are leaders in the network industry . Cisco has developed a lot of network-related protocols. Cicso has always been a leader in the network, so it is relatively more valuable for us to learn Cisco’s technology.

  1. Integrators, agents

Integrator: Integrate the products/services of many brands or manufacturers, provide a complete system/solution to Party A’s customers, be responsible for the operation of the overall system/solution, and assume after-sales responsibilities.

Agents: Focusing on the maintenance and expansion of channels, acting as an agent for the products/services of manufacturers requires certain capital, logistics and service functions.

With CCIE certificate, we can go to some well-known integrators, agents and so on . In this way, we can get in touch with a variety of related engineering projects, so we can learn a lot of practical knowledge, which can help us accumulate rich project work experience, and the technical level requirements for our engineers are also very high, preferably a CCIE The level of level, which helps us deal with various problems when doing projects. In system integration projects, many owners propose that contractors must have CCIE certified experts before they are qualified to undertake projects. In order to allow customers Obtain expert-level technical support. In its certification agency system, it is stipulated that gold and silver certification agents must have a certain number of CCIEs . Therefore, in integrators and agents , if you have a CCIE certificate, whether it is for individuals or companies All are very good.

  1. Operator

It is already a consensus that the final data must be carried by IP, so no matter which operator is vigorously developing the IP bearer network. Whether it is a simple network device or a so-called multi-service platform, what CCIE has learned is indispensable. Therefore, major operators have a huge demand for network talents . Therefore, some high-level CCIEs must be selected targets.

  1. Party A (Network Management)

Some large companies range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It is no exaggeration to say that these companies are like a small country. Their networks are huge and complex for historical reasons. Some companies have a network scale that far exceeds that of an ISP. Such a network of course requires some network experts to maintain. Of course, the networks of these companies are not to provide services to others, but to run a large number of applications, such as ERP systems or OA, etc., so they must be familiar with the host operating system and some databases, and have very high requirements on network managers. high. In such a large company, there are generally not one network administrator, but multiple ones, who manage different things separately.

  1. Training company

There are many online training companies. Among them, certification training accounts for a large part, and Cisco’s certification training can be regarded as the most. These training companies generally require their instructors to have CCIE certification. Of course, these lecturers are also expected to have eloquent presentation skills and extensive engineering experience. Generally speaking, the treatment of these training companies is OK, mainly depends on your ability and effort. The advantage of working in these companies is that your basic skills will become more and more solid. Under the constant interaction with students, your knowledge system will be continuously systematic and improved, and will closely follow the latest technological development.


  1. The issue of CCIE age

Some students may think that being a network engineer will encounter a mid-life crisis, but this is not the case. When we do projects and projects, we actually don’t look at age but experience . We rely on our engineering experience and CCIE’s skill level when implementing projects.

  1. The issue of CCIE qualifications

CCIE does not require very high academic qualifications. Our system integrators and agents do not value academic qualifications .

  1. Some views of working on HelpDesk

HelpDesk is what we commonly call network administrators and network administrators. Every day, they repair computers, check servers, etc. The work is very complicated, very simple, and has no technical content , so the position of HelpDesk is very easy to be replaced. As an IT person, we should always maintain the habit of learning, learn old and live to old age . If you can see your future job prospects after working in a job for a month, then this job has no meaning and value at all . I hope that everyone can maintain a young state, constantly compare with themselves, overcome themselves, and constantly ask themselves to learn and try new things .

  1. Study and prepare for CCIE

In the process of learning CCIE, in the process of preparing for CCIE, we can decompose and formulate small goals for our grand plan, set periodic small goals with time nodes, and decompose the goal into several small goals. Then we work hard to complete every small task we have formulated, focus on each of our own small tasks, and constantly check, summarize, improve, and perfect.

There is also the issue of mentality. I hope you all have a positive attitude in the process of studying and preparing for the exam.

Learning is learning, exams are exams, what you care about in learning is the process , and what you care about in exams is the result .

  1. How to learn

When studying and preparing for the CCIE exam, we need to make a firm determination, put in no less hard work than anyone else, devote our wholehearted enthusiasm, prepare, practice more, and experiment more. What the book says is not necessarily That’s right, what the teacher said is not necessarily right. You have to verify it yourself to be true. Practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. Also, you must be sensitive and eager to learn, and don’t be ashamed to ask questions. To solve it, you can ask your friends, teachers and so on.

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