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ThinkMo EDU Share – network 64.Is CCIE difficult?

蒂娜 1 Comment 01/07/2023

ThinkMo EDU Share – network 64.Is CCIE difficult?

CCIE difficult? I think that for some people who have a solid foundation, especially those who have completed the CCNA and CCNP exams , it will be much easier to take the CCIE exam. If you don’t have any foundation, unless your self-study ability is very good, it is recommended to enroll in CCIE training courses, with teacher guidance, and general institutions will also have question bank exercises, so learning will be much faster.

For example, if you knock on the version of the laboratory exam, most institutions have a version for you to practice. If you practice more, the basic problem will not be serious . CCIE is relatively controllable. You can basically pass the computer-based test after a year of hard work. The test is too unpredictable , and the cost of CCIE is high. At least you have to rent a complete set of equipment , and it is difficult to rent.

Although the CCIE exam is quite difficult, because it is an expert-level certification, it will be very helpful for career development if you succeed in the exam. Especially in companies that require CCIE certificates, if you have a certificate, you will definitely have a higher salary than those without a certificate. Whether the

CCIE test is good or not, it is actually difficult to make a complete conclusion. For example, candidates with a foundation will obviously learn more easily than candidates without a foundation, and it may be easier for them to take the test. Of course, candidates who have no foundation can go to Cisco’s first two levels of certification CCNA and CCNP. In addition, well-prepared candidates must be more likely to pass CCIE than those who are not well-prepared .

In the past, I would recommend self-study to test some network engineer certifications, but regarding CCIE , I think it is essential to participate in training. Unless your heart is very strong, otherwise self-study CCIE is not recommended . But don’t give up when you choose to start. In fact, CCIE is not as terrible as it is said in the legend.

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