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Refund Policy

About advance payment

The CCIE EI LAB tutorial consists of three parts and 25 episodes.

With an advance payment of $100, users can contact online customer service or TG/WA customer service to obtain 5 videos and PDF documents as experience samples.

Make up the balance within the next 15 days to get all the videos and documents, and at the same time, enter our learning exchange group.

The courses and documents sold by ThinkMo EDU are virtual products. Once sold, they will not be refunded (the advance payment also follows this principle).


About question bank

The question banks of CCNA and CCNP certification exams are PDF files, with VCE exam simulator files attached. After paying, you can contact online customer service or ask WhatsApp/program customer service to get the documents. At the same time, you can join our VIP group chat to get more information about certification examination.